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About Us

GlamTextures was launched in March 2017 by Jayla Koriyan. With the desire to have glam hair 24/7 Jayla created the slogan "Feel glam in every texture". Whatever hair texture you are looking for we have it! You can have silky straight hair one minute to juicy koils with our curly hair the next. GlamTextures options are unlimited. Switch up your style and go platinum blonde with our 613 blonde hair. With us you will look and feel glam. We take pride in supplying our #GlamDolls with the best hair extensions. Our mission is to provide quality hair extensions and products that enrich the lifestyle of today's female seeking beauty.
Jayla Koriyan is 24 years old college graduate. Jayla went to cosmetology school in 2012 and has always had a passion for hair and beauty. While finishing up her college degree she decided to launch her very own hair line while in college. Back in 2017 GlamTextures started on the floor of a dorm room by selling hair extensions to her college friends. From there the youtube personality pushed her line to the public and has been around ever sense. You can find our CEO on youtube creating beauty and lifestyle video content. She's such a digital boss!